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Estimation of Machine Tool Accuracy Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Using Movement Axes Geometric Errors Model

Valášek, A.; Smolík, J.; Kolář, P. MM Science Journal. 2023, 2023(4), 6945-6950. ISSN 1803-1269.

Modification of the 5-axis Toolpath to Increase the Turbine Hub Surface Quality

Stejskal, M.; Pešice, M.; Votruba, V.; Kovalčík, J.; Kratěna, T.; Vavruška, P.; Rybín, J. MM Science Journal. 2023, 2023(4), 6815-6818. ISSN 1803-1269.

Simulation of Feedforward Control Techniques to Improve Machines Feed Drives Tracking Performance

Ferkl, J.; Novotný, L.; Beudaert, X.; Franco, O.; Kolář, P. MM Science Journal. 2023, 2023(4), 6999-7005. ISSN 1803-1269.

Effective feed rate control to maintain constant feed per tooth along toolpaths for milling complex-shaped parts

Vavruška, P.; Bartoš, F.; Pešice, M. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 2023, 128(7-8), 3215-3232. ISSN 0268-3768.

Increasing tool life and machining performance by dynamic spindle speed control along toolpaths for milling complex shape parts

Vavruška, P.; Bartoš, F.; Stejskal, M.; Pešice, M.; Zeman, P.; Heinrich, P. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 2023, 99, 283-297. ISSN 1526-6125.

An Indicative Model Considering Part of the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of a Large Grinding Machine

Mareš, M.; Horejš, O.; Nykodym, P. 3rd International Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools (ICTIMT2023). Lecture Notes in Production Engineering. Volume...

Adaptive Thermal Error Compensation Model of a Horizontal Machining Centre

Horejš, O.; Mareš, M.; Straka, M.; Švéda, J.; Kozlok, T. 3rd International Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools (ICTIMT2023). Lecture Notes...

Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Spindle Bearing Based on Bearing Load Calculation and Off-Line Condition Monitoring

Sova, J.; Kolář, P.; Burian, D.; Vozábal, P. Machines. 2023, 11(6), 1-21. ISSN 2075-1702.

Experimental Investigation of a Method for Selective and Precise Laser De-Coating

Primus, T.; Hlavinka, J.; Zeman, P.; Kožmín, P.; Čermák, A. Lasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing. 10(2), pages 205–224 (2023), ISSN 2196-7229.

Experimental and theoretical study on the dynamic stiffness of circular oil hydrostatic shallow recess thrust bearings

Tripkewitz, F.A.; Lazák, T.; Fritz, M.; Stach, E.; Weigold, M.; Sulitka, M. Tribology International. 2023, 183 ISSN 0301-679X.

Innovative process for precise grinding of optical free-form elements

Procháska, F.; Tomka, D.; Vavruška, P.; Paprčková, M.; Melich, R.; Matoušek, O.; Lhomé, E. Journal of Instrumentation. 2023, 18(4), ISSN 1748-0221.

Femtosecond Laser Processing of Advanced Technical Materials

Primus, T.; Novák, M.; Zeman, P.; Holešovský, F. Acta Polytechnica. 2023, 63(1), 36-49. ISSN 1210-2709.
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