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22139Learning about IoT and Virtualization to better your Experience in Machining in the 4.0 era

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Matyska Vojtěch
Řešitel : Sulitka Matěj
Výzva : Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Příjemce : Politecnico di Milano
Anotace : The LIVE4.0 project aims at improving SMEs education in the machining field promoting a betier use of Industry 4.0 instruments and creating effective learning experiences for their personnel at the job shop. Education on how to achieve a fruitiul digitalization of processes to improve their flexibility, resilience and efficiency will be the learning target. LIVE4.0 will exploit the European SMEs huge improvement margin by applying new I4.0 tools to make the transition towards a more advanced and efficient way of manufacturing. LIVE4.0 will provide the knowledge and the experience of partner Universities, it will also bring the example of a partner SME that will be active in providing the user point of view in the content creation and provision, from which the project tagline: “from the SMEs for the SMEs”. New and flexible tools as learning nuggets and learning paths will be coupled with live and hands on experience at the job shop to tailor the learning experience to the SMEs needs.
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