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22107Green Manufacturing: Demonstrating technologies to fight Climate Change

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Vavruška Petr
Řešitel : Kolář Petr
Výzva : Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Příjemce : INESC-TEC Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering
Anotace : Demo4Green aims at spreading the demonstration of technologies, that reduce the carbon footprint of industry, in existing high-technology infrastructures of RIS countries. Following the concept of "test before invest", Demo4Green will first create a training module on how to implement a demonstrator in a Teaching and Learning Factory (TLF), aimed at industrial and technological companies as well as research teams. Second, Demo4Green will select demonstrators to be implemented in the consortium TLFs. Finally, Demo4Green will support technological companies (SMEs and Start-ups) and entrepreneurs with coaching (business and technology roadmap development, financing, IP strategy) to help RIS countries bring their green technologies to the market. The consortium is composed by eight RIS partners (Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and Poland), who are involved in the management of a Digital Innovation Hub and have high-technology infrastructures.
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