20039Network for Empowering People in Added-Value Manufacturing Systems and Technologies – Regional Innovation Scheme

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Vavruška Petr
Řešitel : Kolář Petr
Výzva : Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Příjemce : Inegi
Anotace : M-NEST-RIS will support the development and implementation of a new paradigm in the learning of added-value manufacturing (AVM) in Europe, based on the creation of a distributed Teaching and Learning Factory prepared to address the challenges raised by the exponential introduction of new AVM technologies (in the context of Industry 4.0) concerning people qualification. The aim of this project is to nurture and empower people to work in and to foster AVM in EIT RIS countries with moderate or modest innovation capacity, such as Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece and Portugal. Considering the RIS3 priorities of these regions, but also its important turnover and employment capacity all over Europe, the automotive sector is at focus. Relevant AVM technologies, processes, machines and SW gathered within the partners’ testbeds will be used to build innovative learning activities and demonstrate the feasibility and the added value of the network to address the RIS/ sector/ qualification needs identified.
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