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22094Experiential Learning for Flexible and Resilient Manufacturing

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Mareš Martin
Řešitel : Sulitka Matěj
Výzva : Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Příjemce : Hub Innovazione Trentino Fondazione
Anotace : In a post COVID-19 outbreak scenario, manufacturing SMEs face the challenges of rapidly build capacity to shití to flexible production paradigms. This requires upskilling personnel from multiple areas in both technical and transformation management topics, as well as provide hands-on opportunities and expert support to start engage towards the transformation. FlexMan makes available a transformational program for manufacturing SMEs with a demand to switily integrate tailored solutions for flexible manufacturing. The program is offered to personnel playing a key role in SMEs’ digital transformation, and its based on a learning path which includes experiential learning and consultancy by experts within research and technology organizations. During the project the program will be delivered to 24 SMEs and 196 professionals across four European hubs; atier it will be available on the market.
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