17857Simultaneous five-axis hard milling for highest precision

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Smolík Jan
Řešitel : Zelený Jaromír
Výzva : FP6-SME - Horizontal research activities involving SMEs: Specific activities covering wider field of research under the Focusing and Integrating Community Research programme 2002-2006.
Anotace : European tool and die making SMEs are facing a steady loss of competitiveness in their markets, since existing manufacturing technologies cannot fulfil the increasing demands on part quality. These companies are eagerly seeking for new technologies to enhance the economic production of high-quality tools and dies. The main objective of this project is to develop a five-axis hard milling process for highest precision. This new technology will enable end-users to produce high-quality products in less than 62% of current times. This will provide them with a substantial lead over their overseas competitors. The project will encompass the optimisation of a milling machine by applying light-weight parts and the enhancement of milling technology for high-hard materials by process monitoring, as well as of cutting tools and tool coatings for high-performance hard milling operations. Moreover, a part measurement system capable of quality control within the machine tool will be developed. Main work packages are: -development of a light-weight carbon-fibre spindle box and integration into the milling machine -development of a novel in machine measurement device -optimisation of a clamping device -development of a process monitoring system for small milling tools -enhancement of cutting tool accuracy and coating technology -adaptation of CAD/CAM process chain and specialised tool path strategies -machining technology optimisation Besides contributing to an improvement of the bonds between Member States and new members, the project will encompass scientific, technical and wider societal objectives:- better scientific and technological knowledge about milling of high-quality surfaces on hardened materials- lifetime enhancement of tools and dies, contributing to further knowledge and productivity of the EU-industry- drastic reduction of hazardous substances in the production of tools and dies significantly improving EU environmental and health conditions.
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