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CE318Network of Technology Transfer Nodes for Enhanced Open Innovation in the Central European Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Industry

Poskytovatel : Evropská unie
Manažer : Smolík Jan
Řešitel : Smolík Jan
Výzva : INTERREG Central Europe
Příjemce : Centre of Research and Technological Innovation, s. r. l.
Anotace : EU most important automation & mechatronic industries are in CE regions: business dimension is intercontinental but the services to kick innovation are still local & this slows quick canalization of R&D results from EU & CE labs into the industrial system. This makes tech-transfer & brokerage commissioned by companies long, expensive, often duplicate efforts & do not respond to the time-to-market requirements. The challenge is increasing & federating these services to accelerate the transposition of KET from EU-funded research & CE labs in new end-users components & apps for CE advanced manufacturing industries. NUCLEI main objective is to change the obsolete innovation management model from a “local-based” technology scouting approach to a transnational pool of knowledge supporting advanced manufacturing innovation beyond regional borders. This increases economic interdependences among seven S3-manufacturing Regions & encourages more effective transnational value chains in automotive, electrical industry, IT sector, robotic & mechanic automation. Such joint knowledge sourcing approach helps 7 NUCLEi industrial clusters & its end-beneficiaries (Corporations, SMEs, R&D performers) to foster process of emergence of new consortia/business deals for execution of bold technological, product, market projects. The creation of 1 broad&collaborative environment, initially tested by 100 testimonial companies from 7 CE Regions, is expected to increase linkages with innovators outside own regions by 40-50%, accelerate the time-to-market of R&D concepts (from EU-funded research &CE laboratories to companies) by 15-20%, increase R&D expenditure & patent applications by 2-3% of mid-term turnover. Drivers to run innovation are 1 joint cloud based on FoF-IMPACT&COFACTOR H2020 projects, 3 pilots (tech-brokerage; knowledge transformation; mechatronic standardization) & 1 Business Innovation Strategy to expand NUCLEi i-services within each regional S3 as driving force
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