Framework for milling process monitoring

Švéda, J.; Kolář, P.; Rytíř, M.; Fojtů, P.; Fiala, Š.; Chládek, Š.; Kozlok, T.; Machálka, M. MM Science Journal. 2022, 2022(3), 5969-5978. ISSN 1803-1269.

Modern machining systems use horizontal and vertical data integration for the automatic monitoring and quality control of the machining operations. There are currently available some comprehensive papers focused on high-level system integration. Independently of that, there are also multiple publications focused on the automatic monitoring of specific machining operations. There is lack of presented connections between the high-level proposals and the operation-level methods. This paper proposes a framework for milling process monitoring that covers both mentioned levels, i.e., the system complexity as well as particular operation details. The data model consisting of five key objects (cutting tool management; machine tool; workpiece; machining operation and user) is presented within the framework.

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