Learning Factory to Implement Industry 4.0 in Machining

Kód projektu
Evropská unie
Řešení od
Matyska Vojtěch
Sulitka Matěj
Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Mondragon University

Mach 4.0 is a training and learning activity which demonstrates the practical application of Industry 4.0 in machining processes. The program involves applying data analytics, big data, etc. to new manufacturing trends such as digital twin and zero defects manufacturing. Bringing together the theoretical and practical expertise in machining of four university partners, this innovative program employs a mix of practical and theoretical lessons, delivered in both face-to-face and remote formats. The course will be implemented on the Guided Learning Platform (GLP) of EIT Manufacturing in a version that can be opened out to other universities or training institutions. This will extend the knowledge transfer to industry, and in particular SMEs, ensuring increased impact of the project.

Hlavní příjemce Mondragon University
Další příjemci ČVUT v Praze, FS, RCMT
Polytechnic University of Milan
TU Darmstadt
Zkratky Mach4.0
Řešení od: 01. 01. 2020
Řešení do: 31. 12. 2020
Poskytovatel Evropská unie
Výzva Horizon 2020 EIT Manufacturing
Vedoucí Ing. Vojtěch Matyska, Ph.D.
Řešitel Ing. Matěj Sulitka, Ph.D.